Making a Woven Basket Bowl  

There are other ways of making a woven bowl. This is one of the easier methods. In this example I am making a 12 x 9" oval bowl, with a clear base and transparent red strips.

First make an accurate, life size template of the bowl, with evenly spaced strips drawn into the design. Then, cut an oval of 3mm thick clear glass to the shape of the bowl and place it on the drawing.

Strips of 3mm glass are cut (here they are 1/2" wide strips).A layer of strips is laid out on the template.

The second layer of strips is laid out perpendicular to the first. Krazy glue is used to secure each strip in place.
The third layer of strips is parallel to the first.
The fourth, and final, layer is parallel to the second. This can now be moved to the kiln. Make sure glue is dry so the strips retain their position.

Closeup of edge before firing.

In kiln after firing. You will have to determine what temperature will work for your project. It will depend on the glass you use, and the properties of your kiln. For Bullseye glass it will be between 1350F and 1425F.

The bowl is then placed in a mold and refired to slump at a temperature around 1150F.

Close up after firing and slumping. Note that this was not brought to full fuse to retain a three dimensional effect.
Finished, slumped bowl.