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Glass Craftsman, Feb-March 2005

BATCH: The Pot Melt Defined

By: Judith Conway
What’s a pot melt, you might well be asking?
Well, a pot melt, as introduced to me by Roger Thomas ( when he first taught for us at Vitrum Studio, is a method of creating interesting visual effects and color combinations in fused glass by melting various colors of glass together in a crucible and letting the mixture get so hot that it “drools” out of the hole in the bottom of the crucible onto a prepared kiln shelf. Because of the surface tension of the glass it pours more like syrup than water, often resulting in spiral patterns. This rather simple process results in a disk of premixed glass colors in random patterns that can be used as a whole composition or cut up and used in kiln formed glass work in countless ways. The gorgeous sushi platters by Steve Immerman of Steve Immerman Kilnformed Glass ( are excellent examples of creating a pot drop in a particular color palette that can then be used to add visual texture and interest to kiln formed glass work
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